Return-to-Duty Process for D.O.T. Compliance

An employee who fails a Random drug or alcohol screening test, while employed in a safety-sensitive position, or failed a Pre-employment drug test will be:

> Referred to a D.O.T. Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) who will conduct a face-to-face clinical assessment and evaluation, and make recommendations.

Note: Drivers with a violation are Prohibited to drive a commercial vehicle OR work in a safety-sensitive position until this process has been completed. 

Driver must register with D.O.T. Clearinghouse: (1/6/20)

Create an account and designate the SAP to enter two important evaluation dates:  

  • Initial Evaluation Date indicating that you have started the process. 
  • Follow-up Evaluation-Return to Duty Eligibility Date that you successfully completed the SAP's    
  •      recommendations for Return-to-Duty and D.O.T. SAP compliance.

> SAP will contact employer and submit the Initial Evaluation with recommendations concerning education, treatment plan, follow-up testing and aftercare, if needed.

> Employee will be referred to a Substance Abuse Treatment provider for Alcohol & Drugs (AOD) educational program sessions OR a treatment facility, as appropriate. (SAP determines the number of educational program sessions, as appropriate.)

Note: Fees for Treatment Provider are separate fees.

  • Following a successful completion of recommendations and verification of AOD Education and/or Treatment, employee will meet with SAP for Follow-up Evaluation. 
  • SAP will contact the employer and submit a Follow-up Evaluation, including the recommended follow-up drug testing schedule, up to 5 years.
  • Employee must produce a negative Return-to-Duty drug test, prior to returning to a safety-sensitive position.
  • Employer will enter employee's negative drug test results with the Dot Clearinghouse.  Employee's driving status will change from Prohibited to Not Prohibited and now be Eligible to drive commercially.

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